Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Happy 420!!! The MARIJUANAMAN book is officially out today!!! Don't forget to hit your local comic shop or book store and pick up a copy. This thing is a classy over-sized badass hardcover, yo! From Image Comics and Tuff Gong.

After you score a copy of the book c'mon down to Golden Apple Comics here in LA and kick it with me, Ziggy Marley, and Joe Casey. We'll sign yer book for you! Plus, sweet-ass funk set from my boy DJ Expo. It's gonna be fun!! More info HERE.

The Beat Bee 420!!! Hell yes, episode #27 of the Beat Bee Sessions is here and it's our very special, smoked-out 420 holiday show! Grab it for Free right HERE!


A. T. Pratt said...


I'm excited for all this Marijuanaman stuff! It's cool to see a comic artist like you working with Ziggy Marley! I have loved your work for a while, and I think it's awesome how your work comes from such cool and diverse places- from Colt 45 to Kevin Smith! I feel like you, Ted McKeever and Damion Scott are some of the few comic artists who embrace the hip hop/ street art/ graffiti aesthetic and seamlessly apply it to comics in distinct visual styles that I think more modern comics should be in. Although special voices like yours shine through, I think a lot of comics that come out (especially mainstream superhero stuff) are still stuck in a tired old visual style that I find boring and uninspired.

so yeah just wanted to drop you a line to say how i appreciate your stuff. if you feel like seeing any of my work (i'm a 20 year old aspiring illustrator/cartoonist from NYC), the links are below

andrew t. pratt
art blog:

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