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Maximum Balloon

Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio has a rad new solo LP coming out called Maximum Balloon. It's fun, funky, dancey pop stuff. Really tight. I did this poster for Interscope Records and I am 8-bit promoting the art contest for Dave's album. So dust off your crayons and submit some art if you feel up to it. More info and check out the first music video HERE. Jason Shawn Alexander and I will be rocking Live Art at the Interscope Album Release Party on Sept. 21st in LA!

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My buddy Nate Carle is doing some next level shit. Check out his rad blog right HERE.
And make sure you score one of his super-sweet shirts...

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Scum of the Earth #1 is officially SOLD-OUT! Thx, you guys!! Vol. 2 coming soon...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Drink & Draw Vol. 2

Damn, I forgot to mention that the official Drink & Draw Social Club hardcover art book Vol. 2 is out! There is some ridiculous art in this thing! Amazing work from Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, Jeff Johnson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Andrew Robinson, Chuck BB, myself, and many, many more. You will be totally blown away by some of the crazy shit that was drawn under the influence in dimly-lit bars across the country...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Super-Limited Edition action!!! "Scum of the Earth" Vol. 1 is the first installment of my new comic book/zine/artbook. 32 pgs. Each edition has custom hand-splattered paint on the front and back covers, signed and numbered with a little drawing inside. The Funk Pack includes the book, a Beat Bee Button, stickers, and Beat Bee Sessions temporary tattoo! Buy it HERE.

Monday, August 2, 2010

IFC Video Interview from SDCC

The Independent Film Channel interviewed me and Ziggy Marley and Joe Casey at our SDCC signing on Sat. Check the video...