Monday, December 31, 2007

Purple Rain

Prince is the shit!
I drew this special X-Mas card up for a friend inna couple minutes. Watch "Purple Rain" the movie if you haven't seen it in awhile. It's fucking genius.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Jay's Pants" Music Video!

The shitty rap group I'm in made a music video for our first hit single, "Jay's Pants"! You can check it out at:
And please send us a friend request if you're feelin' it...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Simpsons Snowboard!

The fine folks at the Simpsons hit me up to paint an original snowboard for the Winter X-Games to raise funds for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Here's a couple flicks! You can see the rest at:

Cigar Tin

I painted this for my buddy Jeff for his b-day. I took a cigar tin of his favorite brand and rocked this quick piece on it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The official 40oz Comics X-Mas Card.

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Earthworms Flyer!

Check it out, my color guy S. Steven Struble just finished this and sent it to me. Sweet! The new Earthworms album hits in Jan...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interview and "MIXTAPE" Preview!

The fine folks at the Pulse interviewed me about my upcoming artbook, "Mixtape: Vol. 1". There's even a sneak-peak of some of the art! Check it at:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Party Garbage Logos!

My man Ben Snakepit ( does an amazing autobio mini-comic called Snakepit. I would highly recommend that you buy them all now, immediately. It's some of my favorite mini-comics stuff, ever. Anyway, Ben's in a new sweetass punk band called Party Garbage ( and he hit me up today to design some logos for them. So I cranked these out...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Daredevil Cover!

This dude Greg collects original art recreations of old school Daredevil covers and hit me up to do one. I picked the cover to #29. It was fun. Here's the B&W version and then the final color one. Copic markers, bitch!

Colt 45 in Vapors!

Peep the new issue of Vapors magazine, they have my new Colt 45 doublepage comic ad in there! Vapors has been running most of the Colt 45 ads I've done in every ish. Way more of my stuff at

Friday, December 7, 2007

Coffee Shop Drawings

These three were done yesterday while I was at the Coffee Bean in Hollywood. I haven't drawn there in a long time. They finally replaced all the old windows in my apt. and I had to be out of my spot for the whole day. This coffee spot is insane for people-watching. The place is full of Hollywood freaks, posers, tweekers, winos, models, studio exec assholes, musicians, tourists, locals, mobsters, nerds, etc. etc., you get the idea. I can only kick it there, like, once every four months, but a really rad spot to draw people, to say the least...

New Sketchbook Stuff!

Straight from the 'ol sketcbook; these three images were done while I was in Europe, either sleep-deprived, or tweeked out of my mind on really fucking strong coffee.

Flyer for Kate

I just rocked this flyer for my friend Kate's graduation party. I drew the thing in about ten minutes, it's a pretty sad piece. Luckily, S. Steven Struble ( swept in with the color magic and saved it. Nice one, man!


I just sent Ash Wood ( a disc full of new art for the next issue of his Swallow art book (published by IDW). Here's a drawing I threw in there.

Badass French Artists!

While doing my signing at Album in Paris, I had the pleasure of meeting two really amazing artists, Anne and Philippe. Anne was sweet enough to give me this drawing of her wicked character King Nike, and Philippe did an amazing Grrl Scouts piece for me. I haven't been able to scan it yet, but check out the Grrls image he just sent me thru email the other day. You can peep more of Anne's stuff at:
and Philippe's work at:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pre-Order MIXTAPE Vol. 1!

If you want to pre-order my first snazzy full-color hardcover artbook, MIXTAPE Vol. 1, all you have to do is roll down to your local comic shop and tell them you want it. The book is in the Image Comics section of the brand new Diamond Previews, and is just itchin' to be ordered. The book collects sketchbook stuff, illustrations, animation pitch art, and flyer and album covers! I'm really happy with it. It comes out on Feb. 6th.

Rob Schrab's SCUD Returns!

Rob has been a friend of mine for over ten years. His indy comic book Scud had a huge impact on me and our fellow generation of underground comic book creators. Rob has been kicking much ass in Hollywood as of late, and he was even cool enough to get me my gig doing the mural and art for the Sarah Silverman Program at Comedy Central. He's the director of the show. Go Rob! So anyway, Scud makes his triumphant return to comics in Feb. This new four-issue mini-series marks the grand finale of the series, with all the unanswered questions that have plagued fans for years finally getting answered. I've seen the new stuff, and it's dope as hell, people. He let me draw the cover for the second installment, issue #22. Color by the insane man Jose Garibaldi ( More on Rob at

Another Fucking Blog!

I know, everyone and their brother and their brother's pet gerbil has a fucking blog space. But the main reason I decided to start this jammy was because posting blogs and art and such on myspace sucks big time. So this will be my new spot for more of the 'ol up-to-date cool shit going on. Plus, sketches and random stuff that most people will not care about.
On another note, I just got back from my first badass, earth-shattering tour of Europe! France, Amsterdam, and London. It was amazing. Everyone was super-rad and I met tons of cool new artists and musicians. Peace and thanks to all those who came out to get their books and stuff signed by me. Thanks to all those who came to me and Bill Shag's gallery show in London. And an extra-big thanks to those super-cool kids who waited two hours for my dumb ass to show up at Album in Paris. My train was late and then I show up and the streets were closed off because of a student protest. Running through the streets of Paris along French cops in full riot gear is one of my outstanding memories from the trip, though!
Peep it, the cool guys at Comic Box Magazine posted a video of me from the con in France. I'm drawing a quick Wolverine sketch for someone:
More flix from the con at:
Oh, and on an unrelated note, if you want a quick laugh, check this shit out:
We kept seeing this video all over France. I think it's awesome. The damn tune will stick in your head all fucking day!
An finally, and most important, you can check out all the flicks from my Europe Tour and pics of the mural I rocked at the TIGI studio in London at:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007