Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jem & the Schroom Holograms

"Jem & the Schroom Holograms" is my mixed media piece for the big ol' annual Gag Me With A Toon, 80's-Sat-morning-cartoon-inspired Art Show @ Meltdown in LA. It all goes down Friday night, Feb. 4th. Details HERE.


Beany said...

that is rad! too bad it's on the west coast or i'd be there!

K said...

Hot damn, this is kickass. I really dig the use what looks like stencils (with sweet colour fades on the leaf) for the backdrop and then clean lines for Jem, also, the colours in general look awesome. Your mixed medium stuff is quickly becoming my new favourite.

Luis Sopelana said...

"A Jem painting by Jim Mahfood" sounds very "parallel universe." It's totally rad. To the max.