Monday, December 6, 2010

Rolf the Wolf and Luke Chueh were my roommates in Miami. Bagels galore. My homies. Rolf was the only one smart enough to get a rental car and every night we had 9-10 people packed into that bitch.

Sylvia Ji. Rad chick, amazing work. We are in the same issue of "My Name Is" UK art mag. Score it HERE.

Sever. America smokes crack.

Anthony Lister. I finally got a chance to meet this dude. Been a fan of his for a minute now. Ill shit. Him and Ron English got kicked out of a strip club Fri night.

Woebots x Josh Taylor x James x Food One.


Neil said...

Hey, how do you pronounce Sylvia's last name? "Gee"? "Yee"? Like "Jive" without the "ve"? Been a fan of her work for a while. I'd love to see some of her work in person.

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