Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Beat Bee Sessions Vol. 12!

Peace to all the Gemini's! Special Jane Dope B-Day Edition of the Beat Bee Sessions right HERE!


dee! said...

cheers on those Tecates!

Downright Fierce said...

Food & Jane:

A lickin' stick would be a switch or a stick used to "lick" or whoop the ass of a misbehavin' child. That's why he (Papa) is asking Mama to come quick and bring the lickin' stick because their kid is clearly being a brat and needs to be put in line.

Shout outs can be directed to Downright Fierce, Phunk Philosopher Extraordinaire.

Thanks for purveyin' the funk, Beat Bees. Word

Food One & Jane Dope said...

tiny half assed stoner shout out on beat bee 13. I tried to make up for it on the write up. xo