Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm outta here for Comic-Con!
I'll be in Artists Alley with Mike Huddleston and Dave Crosland. My table # is EE-05. I will have some exclusive, limited edition stuff just for the show: the brand new "Mad Fat" shirt (available in black, blue, and white. They come with a special sticker, too!), I'll have Mixtape #1, and advance copies of Mixtape #2, which doesn't hit stores until Sept. I will be doing signed and numbered versions, with full-blown double page drawings in them for $80 each.


Neil said...

Can't make it to the con, but I hope you save one of those Mix Tape #2 signed, numbered and sketched super-duper spectacularific versions for me. Or at least put a couple up for sale on your website after you come back.


Mark Stroud said...

I hope I have some money by the time I get to artist alley if not I'll at least say hi.