Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Beat Bee Sessions Vol. 33!!!

It's here!! It's free!!! Join yer cosmic companions Food One & Jane Dope as they take you on an uplifting and beat-filled journey thru the mixtapes of the galaxy's nightclub!! This episode: how to successfully mix chemicals while you host a podcast, dangerous Hollywood nightclubs, Super Cooper and JSA's b-days, the continuing saga of the annoying roommate who must die, laundry pet peeves, surprise chronic, torturing the neighbors with gangster rap, an American werewolf in Paris, plus so much more!! Instrumentals by the mysterious and funky Kan Kick. Listen right HERE!


Matt said...

YES! I've been waiting for a new Beat Bee. Thanks!

Bruno Vernay said...

Would it be possible to know where to find the "Nature boy" instrumental at 54'07 ? I listened to a lot of crap on YouTube, but couldn't find it.

Bruno Vernay said...

I found it here:

It is in french, but you will see "Fila Brazilia" and the link:

There are plenty of funny versions also