Monday, August 29, 2011

The Beat Bee Sessions Vol. 32!!!

Take a mystical journey into the heartland of podcast funk!! The Beat Bee is the truth, the original. Beware of all unnatural substitutes, they lack the sugar and honey. After a short break, Food One & Jane Dope return to bring you thrilling tales from Comic-Con, the Reggie Watts LA show, Z-Trip and LL Cool J, plus...birthday shout-outs to our brothers, the birth of DJ Expo's little baby cadillac, how to sabotage annoying good-looking roommates, and dangerous tinfoil pipes. Instrumentals by the one and only James Pants. For Free as always, right HERE!

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Jose Ray said...

Thanks for the prompt to check out Reggie Watts! I took about an hour break from the Beat Bee and went wild on a video search of that guy. I of course came back and enjoyed the wrap up.