Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TR!CKSTER / Comic-Con Schedule

It's on!!!
I'll be at TR!CKSTER on Thurs doing the release of the Black Belt Bee Toy from 4-6pm. Free drawings for the first 30 people that buy a toy!

I'll also have a super limited supply of these bad boys! The Smoke Dog One-Color Funk Figure!!! I only have 10 of each color, 30 toys total. And that's it.

We're premiering the brand-new Mice Blind (Three) shirt at Tr!ckster and Comic-Con as well! Pick one up at either location. It's for sale at the Brother's Ink booth #4800

Beat Bee Signing/Release @ October Toys in the Comic-Con from 2-3pm. Booth #4838.
Art Workshop Symposium @ TR!CKSTER from 3:30-5:30pm. But tickets HERE!

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