Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food One x Reggie Watts

Friday, Jan. 7th, Gallery 1988 in LA hosts the "Is This Thing On?" Group Art Show. Each artist was assigned a comedian to portray and I was lucky enough to be able to take on brilliant loop artist, comedian, musician, beat box technician extraordinaire, Reggie Watts. This dude is no joke. If you have no idea who Reggie is immediately watch THIS and surf around YouTube and you will probably get addicted to checking out all the random videos and clips of him doing his thing. Amazing stuff. This is a mixed media piece, with watercolor, spray paint, oil stick, colored pencil, and ink. The show is tomorrow night at 7020 Melrose Ave.


kungfutoast said...

sick, Reggie is the shit!

Marc said...

Nice! I love the multiple arms. I don't think the world is ready for the craziness Reggie would be capable of with 6 arms.

One tiny detail is missing though. Reggie likes to keep his pinky nail long.

--Nicholas P. Decker said...

Nice work! That piece is great.

Reggie needs to be on EVERYONE'S playlist.

Keep up the good stuff.

damon said...

I saw it last night really cool piece

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice. Outstanding work as always.