Friday, February 12, 2010

Los Angeles Ink Stains #39


akorn said...

Shout out to Food One!!! I love Jim Mahfood... I got mentioned in a comic!!! ha!....that's one item I can check off on the list of "things I have to do before I die." ♥Bryn

industri studios said...

The way you reacted to your friend's studio is how I (and probably a lot of others here) feel when we see YOUR work... it's next level shit all its own.

Great strip, as always.

Neil said...

I'd love to see you and JSA work together. He was supposed to do something with Greg Ruth, but I don't know whatever happend to that project. Next time you see him, ask him what's up with that.

Also, isn't Jason completely self taught? I think I remember reading that. Crazy.