Monday, January 11, 2010

The Beat Bee Sessions Vol. 2!

The funk continues! Free download at:


P Cleland said...

FUCK YES! I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR MORE EXCELLENT MUSIC. also more talking, I like hearing little stories and shit from you guys it's like if LA ink stains was a radio show or something. I love it.

JaneDope said...

Wow! Cool! Best review yet!

DivineJoy said...

Thanks ... will listen to it during my run in the morning.

Gir said...

Real nice! Just speak up the song names a bit louder or list the songs featured cause i can't find them!

Anonymous said...

finally getting to comment

im totally loving this podcast, it gives me something to listen to while at work!

After hearing the first one i couldnt wait till you made a new one and then BAM a new one!

it almost makes me feel like im partying with you guys!

keep em' coming!


Loved the show. Keep them coming.

Jane Dope mentioned her Roller Derby crew.
When/ where does it start for people who want to go ?