Sunday, March 8, 2009

Los Angeles Ink Stains #14


nandoninny said...

dude, myspace disabled the link on your post.
they said it waas a phishing scam.

but this is a nice little story.

they've all been but i guess being in the spot i am now i can associate with the kid behind the counter.

am i someone doing what i'm doing until i become what i think i'm meant do become?
b/c while he was working the register, you were the customer.
you're doing what you're meant to do.

which i guess means quit wasting my time doing what i'm doing and start doing what i should be doing.

or maybe i'm just reading too much into this b/c i'm in mexico city for a 5 week project......

WJC said...

You done kicked 'em out

Great Ink Stains and great Rorshach too.

Food One said...

myspace is totally fucked for me. it doesn't even run right on my computer anymore. i can't stand it. i don't really use it anymore, except to promote stuff here and there. but, seriously, if any of you wanna reach me, just email me, please. no myspace messages. thx.

Cupcakes & Apple$auce said...

YES!!!!!!! loving these!

heard from the sheriff no apple for you this month :(

funk on!

German said...

ahh man, totally know that feelin of panel 2.