Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NY Art Show & Comic-Con!

This Saturday night is my big solo art show in Brooklyn! All the info is on the flyers posted here. I'll have framed drawings and paintings for sale, and we're doing two different exclusive t-shirts for the opening! The designs are above, not sure what color they're going to be on the shirts, but they will be hand-screened by Shadow Plastic and will look rad. Then Fri, Sat, and Sun is the Comic-Con and I'll be at the Nerdcore booth all three days. It's on!


WJC said...

Hoping the Art Show and NYComic Con go sweetly. I won't be there and am sorry I won't be picking up a CARL.

Food One said...

thx, man! i've been checking out your blog, you're doing some killer stuff!