Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Los Angeles Ink Stains #7


JaneDope said...

"i don't give a fuuuuuck" LOL

Sean said...

I hope these get collected in print, eventually.

industri studios said...

I agree - these had better come in book form at some point. This is EXACTLY what auto-bio comics are meant to be. Thanks for sharing such awesome stuff, Jim.

Hororo said...

As always a great read every morning. Thanks a lot man.

Neil said...

M.I.A.?! How rad was that? I'm sure once you realized it, you were saying in your head "Oh, crap! It's M.I.A.. What should I say? Alright, Jim, be cool, be cool..." LOL

aaron said...

"im sure her boyfriend hated me for that
but I dont give a fuuuuck!"

ha ha!!!

keep up the good stuff
this blog is a daily inspiration in my dull office job

Aloquin said...
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Aloquin said...

Great work, Jim. I also would love to see these in book form. What art show in NY? A solo show, or what?
Oh, take a minute and check out my comic, won't you?


Keep it up!

Alex said...

HAAHAAH! meeting MIA like that... totally random!