Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New "Funky Roots" Canvas!

I did this original piece (and Anne Masse colored it) for the French company called Kung-Fu Fighting. They make some bad ass stuff. The art is printed on a canvas and then put on a stretcher! They use a very high quality printing process with several
color layers, and each canvas is individualy hand produced. Next level! They're fucking huge, too. Only 100 made in the world. Peep it at:


Dylan McCrae said...

Loving this pic, tight composition and really nice coloring. One of your best man!

Gax said...

only to say, that today, I've buy one of your "food one" comic book ... and it was good . YAY

createwall said...

I really like this pic, because this is just so stunning and adorable,your work is oustanding!!! What a unique style you have.I love it! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog,Keep it up...!!
Your photo on canvas

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I love your funky canvas so much, it seems that you are a true illustrator who loves his work so much