Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drink & Draw

Justin Stewart and I hosted a Drink & Draw at the Coach & Horses in Hollywood this week. We didn't tell anybody about it, but our buddy Jim Lujan showed up and we rocked some crazy shit. The first four images here are my solo stuff. The word balloons and lettering are in reference to all the songs I programmed on the jukebox. The bottom three are collabs between Jim, Justin, and me. We had just watched "Purple Rain" so Prince had a pretty big influence on all the art. Prince and booze, that is. The top four are for sale so if anyone is interested hit me at


Neil said...

Let's see... Some Faith No More, James Brown, Tribe Called Quest, Beck?, Ramones, Doors... Those are some long pieces what were you drawing on?

Food One said...

3x17 strips of bristol board.

samax said...

that Morris Day is priceless!!!