Friday, June 6, 2008

Sacramento This Weekend!

Saturday, June 7 @ Empires Comic Vault
Dave Crosland and I will be painting with legendary artists MARK BODE, STAN 153, and SKINNER!!! This is going to be HUGE!
2-6pm. @ 2357 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA, 95825
More info @
Sunday, June 8: Sac-Con Comic Book Show
10am-5pm @ Scottish Rite Center, 6151 H St., Sac, CA, 95819
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Tres said...

I think I might just do that this weekend if I can find someone willing to go with me.

avmav said...
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avmav said...

I like the smile you captured on the girl,robot looks wicked!
Looks well dark and menacing!

Tres said...

I didn't get to go....gas is so expensive and although Sac is close I couldn't find anyone to go with to help me with gas.:( Until comic-con I suppose.