Saturday, April 19, 2008

MIXTAPE VOL.2 Coming Soon!

Mixtape Vol. 2 is off to the printer! This is the weird, experimental volume, featuring unreleased sketchbook stuff, my drawing/photo collab pieces with Bill Shag, and photos of my live art and painted stuff. This book came out tight, I'm pretty excited about it! I should hopefully have copies for San Diego Con...


industri said...

That cover is FANTASTIC! First volume was rock solid, I'd expect this to be as good or better (it'll be cool to have nice hi-rez, clear pics of the mural art... still kicking myself I didn't fight for a piece from the Kid Koala show in Toronto a couple years back)...

avmav said...

hey jim
good work
the film posters look really cool!!
checked out your radio interview,
looking forward to the grrl scouts colour book when it surfaces.
was wondering what Hip Hop album you listen to most,not what you think is the best