Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Big Day For New Books!

I have a bunch of cool shit out today! First off, after shipping delays, and then only being shipped to the East Coast and the Midwest, MIXTAPE: Vol. 1 finally hit Cali today!!! So the book is officially out everywhere now. Fucking finally.
Ash Wood's beautiful art book, SWALLOW #4, also hit today. I have 20 pages of new art in it! And I'm in good company, too; the book also features the amazingly talented Kent Williams, Paul Pope, James Jean, Toby Cypress, Shane Glines, Ash Wood, and more!! Super dope.
And last but not least, issue 22 of Rob Schrab's new SCUD comic came out. I rocked the cover, fantastically sic colors by my man Jose Garibaldi. This is a super-fun series, you're missing out if you're not picking it up!


bewilderedkid said...

Hey! Nice to see so much of your work on the shelves! I will definitely be making a trip to the comic shop tomorrow to pick up Mixtape. Saw it on the shelves last week, but pay day doesn't hit until tomorrow.

andy ristaino said...

hey jim congrats on all the new books. good seeing you at the con.

hey your post it is on this blog.

you gotta scroll down to find it under celebrity post its!

thanks for drawin'.


Little Kid said...

The Swallow book is very, very sexy. Keep up the good work Food One!

Food One said...

thx you guys!